Tuesday, June 28, 2011


When I started my Cherokee research the first time around, my major concern was how our family survived the forced removal or "Trail of Tears".  At that time, the internet was very new and there wasn't a lot of information available.  I spent some time in libraries; visited a few historical sites and read books.  After comparing the birth dates and locations of our ancestors with the historical facts, I found that most members of our immediate family had moved to Arkansas and then Indian Territory (Oklahoma) prior to the removal.  This was a great burden off my shoulders!  I also learned that a few ancestors were actually involved in the treaties which resulted in the removal. 

When I learned that our ancestors did not suffer on the Trail of Tears, my interest waned some and life took over.  Now, my interest has been refreshed and I want to learn even more about our ancestors.  Mom and I will be traveling to Oklahoma in a few months to meet some of our relatives and to continue the research.  I will be sure to let you all know about our adventures!!

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